At Jesse Stutts, Inc. we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service to all our customers and recognize the importance of maintaining strict quality assurance standards.

Our Mission

At JSI, we strive to team with our customers and provide the highest quality electrical construction - managed and delivered with professionalism, care, and a commitment to excellence.

Our Purpose

Jesse Stutts Inc. will provide exceptional value in electrical construction for our customers. We do this by offering over 47 years of industry experience through our team of professional managers, supervisors, and trade personnel. The high level of services delivered to our customers will be maintained by JSI's ongoing commitment to teamwork, integrity, and quality.

Commitment to Quality

At Jesse Stutts, Inc. we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service to all our customers and recognize the importance of maintaining strict quality assurance standards. JSI endeavors to provide a quality service that meets, and where possible exceeds, the needs and objectives of all our customers. Continuous improvement and feedback are essential to the development of our quality processes. All "lessons learned" are documented to ensure that quality management principles are fine-tuned on an ongoing basis. A key founding principle of our culture is to place an emphasis on delivering a higher quality product than what is expected. We know our reputation is built and maintained by the good works that we deliver.


Building with a purpose is critical to success in our industry. Becoming a trusted partner with our Customers is important in developing long-lasting relationships. We do this by taking ownership of our responsibilities and actions, being sensitive to our Customer's needs, demonstrating patience, calm and focus when times get difficult and delivering service with respect and honesty. We will be remembered not only by the projects that we construct but also by the moral character we exhibit while doing so.

Past, Present and Future

JSI was established in 1977 by our founder, Jesse Stutts who started the business from a spare bedroom in his home. After having worked for other electrical firms, he longed to be his own boss and serve customers his way - with integrity, diligence, and good service. He established a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable electrical contractor primarily working in the Huntsville area but did travel throughout the country with a few select customers. In 1983, his son Jay joined him in the business working in field and office positions, learning the business literally "from the ground up". As the company continued to grow, JSI hired many talented people, including Jimmy Wall, a highly experienced manager who at one time worked in his father's electrical business as well.

In 2006 an ownership transfer took place, whereupon Jimmy became President and Jay, Vice President. As the new owners, they established ongoing initiatives that would grow the company and promote opportunities to improve the way business was done. Jimmy and Jay take the approach to hire the best, provide all the resources needed to do their job, train them well, encourage and mentor them and reward a job well done. They know that a successful company is not built by one but by many.

Under their leadership:

  • Employment increased to our current workforce of over 200 total staff company-wide. All in-field electricians are either entered into the apprenticeship program or have graduated as journeymen. All Superintendents are well-experienced journeymen who are OSHA 30-hour trained.
  • Annual volume has increased yearly, which should exceed $50 million in FY 2023.
  • A new prefabrication department has been established that serves all JSI projects. Prefab typically provides time-saving components to our field including in-wall rough-ins, overhead rough-ins, lighting, cable tray, duct back, and electrical room power walls. Anything that can be imagined for field installation time savings is developed and crafted in our shop.
  • An extensive modern fleet of company-owned equipment has been built up which is deployed to our projects daily.
  • In keeping with the increased industry use of virtual design and detailing, a BIM department was stood up to meet the needs of our projects. This coupled with our prefabrication has seen improvements in quality, accuracy, and speed of installation on site.
  • All field layout and engineering are performed using GPS and Robotic Total Station devices. Data developed by the BIM team is uploaded to the field and input into the devices for use in layout, increasing reliability and accuracy.

JSI's past and our future in the industry is grounded in the key philosophy of our founder, "To do the right thing every day and do it well".


Jimmy Wall

President : Jimmy Wall

Jay Stutts

Executive Vice President : Jay Stutts